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Strategies and services designed to empower.

From new eCommerce sites to Fortune 500 firms, our goal is to create a seamless, positive user experience, drive growth, and enhance engagement.


Developing a successful business begins with brand identity and outreach. From logo creation to brand building, advertising materials, and UI/UX design, we deliver.


From custom websites to cross-platform application development, system integration to enterprise systems, and platforms, Deventor helps you build a strong digital presence.


Achieving success in the eCommerce world requires the right website, expert support and marketing, and the right conversion optimization solutions.

Marketing & Social Media

From PPC campaigns to social media marketing to defining your overall digital strategy, our services help connect you with those who matter most – your audience.


Success requires the right combination of services and an in-depth understanding of industry best practices, and more. At Deventor, we go above and beyond.

  • We don’t merely offer website design – we create an immersive, interactive experience with a focus on UI/UX design.
  • We don’t just help you acquire customers – we architect detailed channel acquisition strategies to power growth and success.
  • We don’t just help you create yet another eCommerce site – we build online destinations that have the potential to disrupt entire industries.

Whether you need to build a stronger brand, create a new website, invest in front or back-end software design, or something else, our team can help. Explore our services and learn more about how we can empower you to achieve more.

User experience & brand strategy.

Profesionales del diseño gráfico, like these sweet mornings of spring which I enjoy whole.

  • Logo Creation & Brand Identity
  • Traditional advertising (design + copywriting)
  • Web, Mobile app UI and UX design

Web development

Custom website and web application development for your business

  • Cross Platform Web apps
  • Enterprise System and Platforms
  • Custom Application Development
  • System Integrations
  • Ecommerce development

Marketing and Social Media

Top notch expertise on how to bring client to you and let them choose what they really need

  • PPC Campaigns
  • SMM
  • Acquisition

Meet the team

From website design specialists to social media marketing pros, forward-thinking software developers to eCommerce specialists, the Deventor team is committed to delivering the solutions our clients need to achieve growth, success, and brand building. Whether you’re just starting, are finally moving your brick-and-mortar company online, or you operate an enterprise-level company with a century of history, we are here to help you achieve measurable, repeatable growth. How can we help you thrive today?

Artur Shepel

Software Engineer and MarTech Enthusiast

Artur Shepel

CEO and Founder

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